Our Vision

To be the preferred Technology Partner to our System Integrators and Visionary Solution Provider to our customers in electronic security domain in both Physical and Cyber World.

Our Mission

Partner actively with our Customers and Systems Integrators to provide innovative and sustainable technical solutions to help them increase productivity reduce costs and minimize risk.

Our Values

  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient professionals 
  • We promote honesty, integrity, and openness in all we do 
  • We encourage innovation to meet challenges 
  • We foster an environment of collaboration

Ixel-International S.A.S

The company was founded way back in 1985 in France with a vision to leverage the skills and talents of all veteran software programmers in Europe and create solutions for Tactical system, Intelligent Video processing system, Telecommunication system, Medical, Counter Terrorism, Defense, etc… 

During the long journey IXEL was engaged by many renowned organizations for special software development projects in the specialized area as mentioned herein. Among the many names are THALES, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, GE Global Research and among the Government engagement program are the Ministry of National Defense Poland, and many more countries which cannot be revealed due to the national security reason. 

IXEL’s pool of Veteran software scientists’ hails from many countries such as France, Poland and Ukraine to name few. The combine effort has been able to result in many innovative and break-through solutions in Telecommunications, Intelligent Video Processing, Counter Terrorism, Tactical systems and Cyber security. Besides providing solution, IXEL had also established POLIXEL S.A. (1991) in Poland dealing in the field of Telecommunications, Video Surveillance and Multimedia Solutions and TUNIXEL in 1993 in Tunisia, which was later sold in 1997. POLIXEL S.A. was also sold to a Telecommunication Stalwart of India “Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.”, (HFCL) which incorporated an Indian entity “Polixel Security Systems Pvt. Ltd.” and entered into security surveillance solution business, delivering many iconic projects in India. 

Over a period of time IXEL has forayed into many innovative technologies and visionary solutions in Video Surveillance system, Tactical systems, Cyber security and Integrated Security system. Our solutions are based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning technologies. IXEL has a portfolio of Innovative technology partners, all specialized in their respective fields and domain, covering vast subjects like Cyber Security, Tactical systems, Intelligent Video Analytics, Intelligent Traffic Management system, Highways Traffic Management & Tolling systems, Command & Control systems for Smart Cities to Smart Critical Infrastructure management systems(like Airports, Power Generation Plants, DAMs, Parliament Buildings, Campuses, Industrial Plants, etc…), Anti-Drones monitoring and mitigation systems(for fixed Establishments, like Airports & Critical Infrastructures and Mobile units like VVIP Convoys or motorcades). We provide solution to both Cyber and Homeland security with our portfolio of technologies. Our team of experts in the industry in their respective region presents our solutions to our valuable customers. 

 IXEL’s technologies and solutions has been hallmark achievement of the company since its incorporation hence attracted many scientist level technology innovators from all over the world.

(c)2022, IXEL-International S.A.S.  All Rights Reserved
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